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HVDN:GO - APRS Bridge Contest 2020

Last year HVDN soft launched the HVDN:GO platform and we are happy to announce our first edition in the "Out & Proud" category with a twist that blends our local history along with amateur radio that everyone can participate in.

Crossing The Hudson River

Our region has five wonderful  bridges that span the Hudson River and Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley has released a set of free collectible stickers available at any full service toll window.

All you have to do is roll up to any "human" toll collector and ask for your free sticker, its that easy.

HVDN Participation and Prizes?

One of HVDN's members suggested we mail out some of our limited edition "HVDN holographic" stickers or collectible pins to any licensed amateur radio operator who can beacon your location using APRS while on the bridges and share the proof via to show you have done it on at least 2 bridges!

Qualifying Bridges:

Challenges & Even Bigger Reward!

A challenge in the Hudson Valley right now is we do not have as many "digipeaters" to help relay weaker APRS signals across the valley and specifically where our northernmost bridges are located. 

Having a robust network of both digipeaters and igateways will help the region communicate general well being and potential emergency messaging much more effectively, especially in sanctioned ARES/RACESRed Cross or Medical Reserve Corps volunteer scenarios.

Amateur radio operators are very resourceful and this is why for anyone who can show proof of APRS operation on all six river spans will be given an official HVDN hooded sweatshirt. This offer is on a first to win basis and supplies are limited.

Current Digipeater and I-Gateway Locations

As you can see on the above map,  there is a large gap north of Poughkeepsie and the Mid-Hudson Bridge all the way up to Saugerties and the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.

One of HVDN's goals for 2020 is to raise awareness of this situation and to be an organization who through existing equipment/donations and  find sites to put equipment at to help fill this void for the betterment of the community.

So, please help us get out as many stickers, pins and hoodies as possible!!

Who does HVDN see making use of APRS? 

Amateur radio and our APRS systems plus other even more modern technologies can add much enjoyment to other hobby or activity interests. 

Here are some examples of users we see being able to benefit from increased APRS infrastructure:

  • Hikers
  • Campers
  • Bike Riders
  • Dog walkers
  • Community volunteers
  • Makers
  • Farmers
  • Emergency auxiliary communicators
  • Weather forecasters
  • Power outage alert needs
  • Health based alerts needs
  • Special event alert needs

Contest Rules

This contest runs from March 11th 2020 until December 31st 2020. 

  • All entries must include proof of APRS beacon via from your home address or closest post office AND:
  • To qualify for an HVDN pin or sticker, contest participants must show proof by beaconing location over APRS from two of the six bridge spans in the same 30 day period during the contest along with at least one matching bridge stickers.
  • To qualify for a free HVDN hooded sweatshirt, contest participants must show proof by beaconing location over APRS from all six bridge spans and at least three of the five bridge stickers in the same 30 day period during the contest.
  • All APRS activity must be done over an analog AX.25 RF path. No "APRS-Droid", DMR, D-Star variants.
  • Reward submissions may be emailed to  and must include the following:
  • URL showing your callsign/SSID 
  • Photo of bridge stickers
  • Address to mail prize to 

Questions/Media Inquiries:
Steve Bossert
Co-Founder, HVDN
Phone:  +1.914.573.1799

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  1. This was a great contest and a wonderful was to explore the Hudson valley


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