Monday, August 20, 2018

Firmware Update: TYT MD-UV380/390 Update 17.05

The TYT MD-UV380 and waterproof UV390 has just seen its first firmware update since many people first started taking shipment of this new VHF/UHF dual band dual mode (FM/DMR) hand held radio in April and May 2018.

August 2018 Firmware Version 17.05

Users of the non-GPS enabled MD-UV380 first started to report having the 17.05 firmware loaded back in July, but this update was nowhere to be found on the TYT website until August 20th 2018.

This latest firmware release has multiple versions explained below in this article.

latest md-uv380 firmware
TYT MD-UV380 Firmware Update Version
17.05 Released on August 20th 2018 is now available on the TYT website 

If you were one of the earlier adopters of the MD-UV380, its now worth updating your radio to this latest firmware which supposedly fixes something with the DTMF, channel write faults and contact database related functions, but nothing in 17.05 is a major upgrade.

After updating from FW 16.05 and 16.06, there are no easily visualized changes when moving to FW 17.05.  It is very important to use the right firmware or your radio may not function properly and you will then need to re-install the correct version. TYT website is here: 

August 2018 Programming Software (CPS)  Version 1.07 & 1.08

CPS version 1.07 and 1.08 are prepackaged with the FW 17.05 on the TYT website and there seems one small change compared to using CPS 1.05.

When trying to import the user database and writing that to the UV380, the software does not seem to crash.

It is still advisable to save any changes you make to a code plug and put it somewhere safe as covered in the "60 Days with the MD-UV380" article posted earlier this month.

Updating MD-UV380 Firmware

If the TYT MD-UV380 is your first TYT DMR radio, you may be puzzled by some of the cryptic instructions and menus on how to update your radios firmware.

The utility called "FirmwareDownloadV3.04_EN"  is what needs to be installed on your computer. This same utility can also be used for all other TYT products so is worth keeping it handy.

Beyond being able to update the radio firmware, it also lets you add a custom "splash screen" to be displayed when the radio powers up.

MD-UV380 splash screen
The size of a replacement image on the TYT MD-UV380 needs to be
 a BMP file no larger than 128 by 160 pixels of 64 by 128 pixels at 8-bit, 256 color.

Once you have decided which is the correct firmware for your radio, navigate to where the update tool installed to.  On Windows 10, mine defaulted to:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\FirmwareDownloadV3.04\DMR Firmware Downloads v3.04_En

Select the "Open File Upgrade button, navigate to the downloaded new firmware and
then press" Download file of upgrade"  AFTER you put the MD-UV380 into DFU mode
 and have the programming cable connected to the radio.

In order to put your radio into "DFU Mode" which is required to get the radio ready for new firmware, plug the USB cable into your computer and radio. Then, hold down both the PTT and button above it while turning the radio on. 

  • The LED on the top of the radio will alternate flashing green/red to let you know the radio is ready for the update.
  • Now open the update tool and proceed to load the correct firmware version for your radio.  A progress indicator will let you know its status and when it is complete.
  • After the update is finished, turn the radio off, unplug the cable from the radio and then turn the radio back on.

Now to make sure it updated, go to "Menu" then "Utilities" followed by "Radio Info" and finally, "Versions" which will show you the current firmware and the last version of the CPS you used to program your radio.

uv380 firmware
TYT MD-UV380 showing a successful update
to FW  17.05 on the GPS enabled version of the radio

Downloading From TYT Website

Sometimes the TYT website can be slow, but not too slow. If you would like a slightly reorganized set of files related to this article, here is a link to download everything you need to upgrade to FW 17.05 along with CPS 1.07 and 1.08 hosted on the HVDN web-server.


  1. Tried this with V18.03.bin on my TYT MD-UV380 purchased from Amazon Dec 2018). When download was finished I turned radio off, unplugged usb cable, turned back on and it's stuck at the splash screen. Been 15 minutes now, Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. Turns out the seller (3rd party thru Amazon) got back to me this a.m. and said:"Please re-install MD-UV390 with GPS firmware. Thank you." Warned against doing this by everyone, and the radio sea it's a UV380, but, nothing ventured ... Well, it worked, got my radio back. Still confused, but - that's DMR!

    1. The UV380 is a strange radio. TYT launched too many versions and some never even came out. I have the MD-UV380G reviewed across HVDN and currently use CPS UV390 V1.03. Currently I have the firmware in the article installed. Hope to hear you on the Tuesday evening 9:00 PM net on TG 31630 one day soon.

  3. I put the CSV version of firmware 18.003 in my MD-UV380 radio without a problem. When I use MD-UV390 CPS 01.10, the import feature under digital contacts only imports 10,000 contacts. I think the radio would accept 120,000 contacts but I can't seem to load that many in the CPS. What am I doing wrong with importing the cvs contacts into the CPS?

    1. Just seeing this now. You are loading the contact database in the wrong place. The "Digital Contacts" area should be used for storing talk groups. Use the "Write Contacts" tool found under "Program" located at the top of the CPS.

    2. Having the same issue. I loaded the non recording gps firmware so I can load the maximum number of contacts. However I'm getting an Excel fail message when I try to write the contacts can file.

    3. Excel error solved. Loading the world wide users list requires a computer with Microsoft excel installed on the same computer for the programming software to recognize that particular csv file. All the other csv files can load without excel installed but the users list requires it.

  4. how do you get the FirmwareDownloadV3.04_EN to actually do something I click on it it runs for millisecond and then nothing no window open up?

    1. It is an installer. Run it from a command prompt (cmd.exe), then it installs and drops an icon on the desktop.

    2. Oddly enough, you have to use Run As Administrator.
      Probably better to install it in a non-UAC folder.
      73 de ham in the YO country.

  5. where can you find the 18.003 firmware. I need to reflash mine

  6. Is anybody able to get the UV models to receive above 480? With new firmware or otherwise.

    I've tried editing setting.ini, and the CPS accepts the frequency and programs the radio without error, but the radio really gets set to 480.000. Even if I enable keyboard programming and punch in 482, it reads back as 480.

    Have looked at the codeplug with a hex editor (nothing interesting), even tried the Alinco powerup sequence described in another post ( which did get me into some kind of test mode ), but can't seem to change the frequency limits.

    1. Are you asking about the TYT MD-UV380 extended receive or for the Alinco DJ-MD5TGP? Your question is not clear. I can help you with either. Which firmware are you using on the MD-UV380? The most current may prevent going above 480 MHz.

    2. The MD-UV390 GPS version. Firmware shows as S018.007.

      I'm interested to hear if anyone's gotten any version of the MD-UV380, UV390, or MD-2017 to receive above 480. I've seen instructions for the single-band 380, the GD-77, and that Alinco, but had only limited success adapting them to my UV390G.

      I did have to do the unlock when I first got my radio to get it out of the 450s.

  7. Good afternoon.
    I bought the Walkie TYT MD UV390.
    I'm going to you to help me open the frequency range of that walkie.

    UV(400-480)(136-174), as selected in the programming software and not transmitted to the walkie, remains as it comes from manufacture at 144-146 and 430-440

    Waiting for your answer and help.
    Receive a cordial greeting and thank you.

  8. Flashed the 18.22 CSV firmware to my MD380UV GPS. When I tried to import contacts I got Ecel error. Much internet searching to find out Microsoft Excel has to be installed on the computer. Finally works.

  9. My MD-UV390 is not being recognized by windows, I plug in the USB programming cable and I get a Code 43 error, after installing the DMR driver from, I get a code 10 error. Does anybody know the solution to this?

  10. Who could unlock TYT MD-UV390? Buttons P1-P2 do not help.

  11. Unlock the radio by holding the two buttons above and below the PTT at the same time with power off. Continue to hold them while turning power back on.
    This blog saved my radio! Thanks for the instruction! It took me 3 days of looking to find you. Thanks again!


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