Monday, June 22, 2020

Quack! Quack! Its time for some RDF fun with LoRa (and HASviolet)

Joe NE2Z,  head of software development for the HASviolet project has been busy working on application specific use cases for our HVDN LoRa project along with the help of Steve K2GOG for user experience function feedback.

Function before feature

Many LoRa projects hit a roadblock after they reach basic objectives such as basic text chat between units where others such as the Disaster Radio go much further.

Since HASviolet has been initially built around a Raspberry Pi Zero instead of the various ESP32 boards, we are able to do a few things differently from a development perspective and most of which will port over to ESP32 based boards in the future. 

RDF:  To find the duck

Use any directional antenna suitable for 900 MHz or make your own by following our instructions for our open source design.

Here are some photos of the user interface that allows easy to navigate function selection without the need for a  SSH connection after initial configuration for things like messages, call sign, SSID and other parameters.

A more advanced version of the basic game involves a laser sensor to detect when someone is near by the Duck and it can either start quacking even more or stop transmitting just to annoy the hunter.

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