Monday, February 10, 2020

Vintage voice control garage lights

Voice enabled technologies like Amazon Alexa, Apple SiriGoogle Assistant, Microsoft Cortana plus the lesser known but open source Mycroft voice assistants sort of creeps my family out.

Since I already had an Amazon Alexa Input on hand and no longer in use, it was time to banish it to the basement or possibly the garage.....

And the end result is.....

This is a relatively easy hack to get working. All I needed to acquire were some smart plugs like the under $7.00 USD and highly reviewed Tantan Smart Plug Gosund.

After setting up a few zones in the Alexa app, I can easily control either light or both lights together.

So why the Amazon Alexa Input?

The more popular Amazon Echo Dot has a built in speaker and would have done everything that the Alexa Input can do, but does not have the ability to connect it physically to a more power sound system like a vintage stereo like the 1970's vintage Harman Kardon Two Thirty AM/FM receiver and amplifier.

This is why the Alexa Input was perfect to be reused and to modernize the garage sound system a bit!

Just connect the Alexa Input to the auxiliary input on the rear of the HK230, connect up a pair of vintage speakers like a set of old Lafeyette Decorette SK-300's and say "Computer, play Styx!"

This is what you do with too much time on your hands!

I could not demonstrate the sound system because YouTube would use its artificial intelligence to scan my video and yell at me for breaking artist copyright rules, so no domo arigato Mr. Roboto!.

These Efforts Matter!

Stay tuned for better lighting and videos in our long time coming official YouTube Channel.

Steve K2GOG, Founder

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