Friday, November 20, 2020

2020 Update: Using SDRangel with Windows 10 (Basic Overview)

Before HVDN was even a thing, I did a video explaining how to get SDRangel software running under Microsoft 10. I am pretty surprised it is up to over 18,000 views and many people have asked for an update since. 

Three years ago,  Edouard Griffith's project was up to version 3.8.5 and today we are up to version 6. Much has happened since 2017 with SDRangel development, so lets see how easy it is to use this great piece of software.

Getting Started: 64 Bit Computer!

I can not stress this enough, especially to frugal hobbyists like those involved in amateur radio - YOU NEED A 64 BIT COMPUTER!!  For SDRangel to run correctly, it is time to ditch that bargain basement Windows XP, Vista or 7 vintage computer that was based on 32 bit architecture. 

Complaints about SDRangel usually are based on a poor user experience that starts with an improper computer.  Much hard work has gone into a this great software and the developers deserve a lot of credit.

Back in 2017,  a 64 bit computer was still considered standard, but many were still using older machines. The costs for a modern computer have come down, so please look for a deal on a good 64 bit computer with multiple cores and lots of RAM. You will thank me later when it comes to SDRangel experiences.

What can you do with SDRangel?

Installing SDRangel is now even more easier since about version 4 when precompiled executables started to become available in the SDRangel Git repository.  My latest video reviewing version 6 shows how easy it is to set up and use with a basic genuine V3 USB receiver

Feel free to check it out on our YouTube channel and look forward to a few other videos about how to use the transmit and other receive features with appropriate SDR's like a Lime SDR Mini.  

Also, be sure to have a look at what Sarah from SignalsEverywhere is going if you are interested in DATV and all things SDR related too!

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