Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Note from HVDN: Articles asked to be removed


Dear Reader,

It has been asked by select individuals that Hudson Valley Digital Network (HVDN) retract two articles which highlighted the importance of  RACES and ARES organizations in our area. 

This was communicated to HVDN leadership by E-Mail on January 5th 2022 in a rather unexpected way.  The names of these articles were:

  • Results:  Tri-State RACES NVIS Exercise (Published December 6th 2021)

  • More Results: Tri-State NVIS Exercise (Published December 13th 2021)

These were published following a very successful simulated communications exercise led by an organization that does not wish to be known or referenced by Hudson Valley Digital Network.

Both articles were fact based reporting which was shared with select people involved in the event prior to publication to ensure accuracy.  

Photos and details from these same people were also shared which enabled the articles to be authored. Additional participants were also contacted and were enthusiastic to be included but not part of this decision.

In the interest of furthering regional coordination, it was decided to remove these from public circulation but by no fault of Hudson Valley Digital Network or the author of both articles, Steve Bossert K2GOG.

However, if you would like to read both articles in original copy, PDF copies of both are available in our members only area now for future curation. 

If any of the other participants who took part of the event would like these articles republished and focused on just your fantastic work and participation, please contact Steve Bossert, co-founder HVDN.

Kind Regards,

HVDN Leadership Team


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