Friday, December 10, 2021

SHF Ham Radio: No, not SHTF!

Icom engineers are working hard to research and develop a number of never cleared challenges within the SHF band, such as large cable loss and higher frequency stability requirements. The ultimate goal is to bring it to the market as a new radio product.

SHF is short for Super High Frequency is used to describe 3 to 30 GHz spectrum and not the much (much) lower high frequency (HF) spectrum  from 3 to 30 MHz makes up less than 0.0163% of all available amateur radio spectrum.

I just want to buy something, not make it!

If companies are looking for more opportunity, they can make amateur radio products that can be used on more of the total 23,126.7731 MHz of spectrum available to amateur radio operators.

Icom is striving to bring to you a new era in fun and possibilities of an SHF band amateur radio, which to date has had high technical and equipment hurdles to overcome, and they hope to make these bands more attractive and active so that anyone can easily operate on them. 

For anyone interested in the other spectrum available such as the 13cm (2400 MHz), 9cm (3400MHz), 3cm (10 GHz) and 1.2cm (24 GHz) plus more so feel free to check out this article and spectrum database for United States Amateur's.

Sadly, the 9cm band has already been lost to commercial users in the last few years because amateur radio was not using this as much as they should.

Thanks Icom for giving this a try and we look forward to what you bring to market! 

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