Wednesday, December 8, 2021

On the map: 80m HV Net

3835 kHz has seen an uptick in use over the past few weeks across the Hudson Valley and beyond, thanks to some organizing efforts of Paul AC2UQ and many who have participated.

Moving forward, each Wednesday at 4:30 PM local Hudson Valley time is when to give a listen to the 80m spectrum and decide to participate or just lurk in the background.

Finding ways to promote readiness and willingness to be part of different "on air" activity is important for the health of the amateur radio hobby.

Calling All Radio Amateurs

There are many different things which appeal to "ham radio" operators and its fun to make use of our spectrum locally to see what works and what does not when it comes to reliable communications that do not use any man-made devices in between such as a repeater, a satellite or the internet.

Winter is fast arriving in the Hudson Valley and now is the time to check your antennae or put up a new one to see whats happening on 3835 kHz.

Look out on the HVDN Activity calendar for other regional on the air and off the air activities.

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