Monday, February 15, 2021

Prepping for SOTA: Field Report and Gear Dissection

Live from high on top of Sam's Point (W2/GC-020) were brothers Jonathan Gong KC2BNW and Michael Gong KC2BNX at the 35:00 minute video mark of this great interview focused on how to integrate amateur radio into outdoor activities or find ways to take your "ham radio hobby" with you as part of "Summits On The Air" or SOTA for short.

Steve Bossert K2GOG shares some background about radios that might be good for "prepper" or other emergency communications for the first show segment and then Jonathan shows them in real life use.

Later on in the show, Carlton made Steve empty a few of his packs to talk about some of the non-ham radio things to consider when out in the field.

Major topics were staying hydrated, organized and illuminated along with communication tips.  Not covered in this episode are details are anything related to staying warm.

Video below starts at about the 90 minute mark, so if you like what you hear, go ahead and jump backwards for the full video.   Even a brief mention of BlackHat and #DEFCON as a way to tie together hiking, cyber security and ham radio come up via a special "Ham Village" Velcro patch courtesy of Joe Cupano NE2Z.

Please follow "The Farmacy Seeds Network" for future videos with Jonathan, Mike and Steve.  You can even buy a really cool TFSN mug for home use to help support the channel.

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