Sunday, November 12, 2023

How To: SDRangel Education Series (Focus on Release 7)


Long overdue are some filtered playlists for HVDN created videos, such as those focused on SDRangel software.

With SDRangel Version 7 Series, many changes have confused people on how to get started, so our part 3 series should be a good education source when using RTL-SDR V3 or V4 devices.

Part 1 of this series focuses on basic getting started or getting restarted if you tried SDRangel in the past and want to give it another look.  The use case also shows how easy it is to use multiple SDR at the same time to monitor spectrum very far apart, such as the 118-136 MHz civilian aviation band plus the 1090 MHz ADS-B used to track aircraft transponders.

Part 2 of this series is focused on how to reserialize your RTL-SDR device since the default is 00000001 and this will need to be changed to allow computers or other devices to recognize them from each other.

Keep an eye on the SDRangel Education playlist as more content gets loaded.  Since 2017, HVDN has produced 255 articles to date and 15 have featured this great software plus many others have made a passing mention about F4EXB's labour of love.

SDRangel has evolved so much since the v1.0.1 release back in 2015 and HVDN's official coverage started around version 3.6.5 in 2017.  As a follower from the near beginning and an educator across the evolution, if you need to know about SDRangel,  please consider us experts.

Also, check out the SIGpi project now which uses SDRangel as one of the core applications. This will become even more important as SIGpi gets ready for a huge update now that Raspberry Pi 5 is here.

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