Thursday, January 14, 2021

Talking all things SBC with Aaron KC2NDA

Long time friend and fellow Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club member, Aaron KC2NDA has been keeping busy with his day job and still managed to find some time to design an interesting data acquisition device discussed for about the first 30 minutes of the latest Comrades in Farms episode on the Farmacy Seeds Network

His journey in learning about KiCad and circuit design was covered on CJ KD2IIN's YouTube channel over a two hour interview.

What is a SBC?

Aaron also got into discussing the evolution from moving from basic Arduino like hardware and coding, then into Raspberry Pi 4 plus the new  Raspberry Pi Compute boards followed by the FPGA evolution in the next segment.  

These are all known as SBC or single board computers. There is even a nice related  news feed here on the HVDN website worth taking a look at too tucked under the "embedded computing" tab.

Some of what he talks about, especially when it comes to analyzing massive amounts of data will impact some of what makes possible and some new features that will be rolling out soon that will make use of TinyML.

There is so much information in this two hour long interview, so feel free to give it a listen/view and share some comments and be sure to give it a thumbs up on CJ's channel 

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