Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Presentation: Digital Hotspot Pi-Star MMDVM Hardware Overview

Joe N1JTA gave a presentation as part of a workshop at the Trenton Computer Festival on March 23rd.

Billed as the world's oldest computer festival,  TCF19 was the 44th year in which many hobbies converged which show how ubiquitous computers and wireless technology has become.

There is more detail about TCF on websites such as Hackaday and the official event website here.

What made Joe's presentation unique was that it focused only on open source hardware and some best practices and purchasing tips to guide newcomers into a less frustrating entry into the world of digital voice amateur radio technology.

N1JTA also focused on how the MMDVM and Pi-Star combination is an excellent learning tool for those interested in deploying a wide area digital mode repeater, but would like to first experiment on a much smaller scale thanks to a digital hot spot.

Check out the full presentation below and hopefully this enables further learning about one of the most modern incarnations of amateur radio.

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