Thursday, September 20, 2018

FLASH NEWS!: Alinco MD-5 Series Cleared by FCC

Alinco will now be the first mainstream radio vendor as part of the "Big 4" to release a dual band DMR handheld radio. 

It was awarded FCC certification in early September and should start hitting vendors in the next 30-60 days.

Further details are below. HVDN (Hopefully!!) will be the first to complete a review, so be sure to subscribe for updates and get the appropriate SMA to SMA-J adapter or other SMA-J antennas now to use with this radio. Reason why below.....

Alinco DMR Radio Steve Bossert  K2GOG N2HVD
Alinco MD-5 Series DMR Radio with possible dual polarity display
(Black on white and white on black?)

FCC ID Details

Alinco MD-5 Series FCC ID is PH3DJMD5

Alinco MD-5 Series FCC ID is PH3DJMD5

Preliminary user manual and other photographic details below main summary
Built-in GPS Receiver -Transmits and receives GPS coordinates automatically, and displays the distances between you and other users. (TGP,EGP models) 
Clear Voice and Powerful Audio - Utilizes DVSI's AMBE+2R vocoder for Crystal clear DMR digital audio for use in noisy environments like construction sites and malls. Powerful 1W audio output to insure loud crisp sounds. 
Large, Full-color Display - Features 1.77 inch display with a menu-driven interface, icons and large, easy-to-use keys for comfortable operations and message reading. 
Real Two-slot DMR - The DMR Tier 2 two-slot TDMA technology doubles your communications capacity! 
Mixed Mode Operation - The DMR Tier 2 two-slot TDMA technology doubles your communications capacity! 
Digital Voice Recorder - Up to 14 hours of recording communications and sounds/voice using an internal or optional microphone.
Other Versatile features - Common to both Digital (DMR) and Analog (FM & N-FM) modes
  • Selectable output power 5W/2.5W/1W/0.2W
  • 4000 channels, 250 zones, 250 scan lists
  • Displays DMR ID, Call sign, Name and Geographical info.
  • VOX built-in
  • Allows CSV export/import of setting parameters
  • Easy import of DMR contact database (entire world wide)
  • Single or dual channel selectable
  • FM Broadcasting receiver with 100 memory channels and VFO
  • Manually programmable Side and Hot keys.
  • Automatic date and time calibration by GPS (TGP,EGP models)
* Digital mode Exclusive Features
  • 10,000 Talk Groups, 250 Radio ID, 160,000 contact lists
  • Displays the Caller ID and name
  • 32 preset encryption codes
  • Selective calls including Individual, Group or All
  • Digital Monitor function to receive signals without matching ID or color codes.
* Analog mode Exclusive Features
  • Variety of signaling; CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/2-TONE/5-TONE encode and decode
  • Four different Tone-burst tones
  • Programmable Auto Repeater Shift (VFO)
Preliminary Alinco MD-5 Series User Manual

Many if not all DMR radios do not require much of a manual as the menu system is vastly superior to other analog radios, so certain details are left out and will likely be covered in a user manual for the CPS application.

Additional Photography

HVDN will perform a higher resolution tear-down, much like has been done with the competing TYT MD-UV380. Here are some low resolution photos to aid with pre-purchase clarity.

 Alinco MD-5 Radio DMR
Alinco MD-5 Series will include desktop charger, battery, belt clip as one would expect.
Battery is 7.4v 1800 mAh and no extended version is available at time of launch

Alinco MD-5 dual band DMR VHF/UHF
The Alinco MD-5 will have 3 versions with or without built in GPS. The speaker is a
dual port design similar to some Alinco analog radios such as the DJ-S40 no longer for sale
Alinco DMR radio antenna
The Alinco MD-5 Series will use the non standard SMA format as found on all Alinco, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu and TYT radios. The  Ailunce HD1 uses the same antenna connector as well as the low priced Baofeng or similar radios

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