North Star Digital Net

The Beacon of Light in Today’s Digital Voice Universe

Where: Every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM EST


The Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics talk group is the perfect place for this weekly discussion since the STEM talk group is not affiliated with any geographic or narrow topic confines.  

The Northstar Digital Net provides great crossover between emerging amateur radio topics and other interesting things to help make it a great place to find other like minded people.

What: It’s a weekly conversation about the future of amateur radio digital voice technology that often includes:

  • DMR
  • P25
  • Product Reviews
  • M17& Other Modes

  • C4FM
  • NXDN
  • D-Star
  • Related Topics
Why: The North Star Digital Net allows for the unbiased exchange of information and to talk with digital enthusiasts.  The format is informal and interactive so drop by and join the dialog.  There is no fixed membership, and all are invited to and welcome to participate.

Affiliation: With The Hudson Valley Digital Network: