Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

DMR talk group 31630 is where people can have a discussion about anything that results in learning about science, technology, engineering or mathematics and NOT make it 100% related to amateur radio topics.

STEM is easy to remember for such a BIG idea!
  • Casual discussions about STEM topics are encouraged to happen at any time from anywhere in the world with anyone.
  • Scheduled discussions however help make it easy for like minded people to listen in or join in active discussion.
Common Questions:

How can I schedule time on STEM TG 31630?
Send in your interests using the STEM TG 31630 scheduling tool here 
What if I want to participate in a STEM discussion, but I do not have a DMR radio?
HVDN operates an Echolink to DMR bridge. Look for N2HVD-R in the listing of stations after you log in to Echolink. More detail on this system is here.
How can I share thoughts about STEM topics without transmitting "On The Air?
Check out the HVDN mesh chat if you are already a licensed ham. You can also use the chat function that is part of Echolink
How will I know when scheduled STEM discussions are taking place?
View the HVDN Activity Calendar here and let your friends know about it also!
Listen in LIVE and see who was heard last