Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Farmacy Seeds Network Presents: Learning about APRS + more with Peter KC2ASA


Imagine being able to use your amateur radio to monitor your beehive on your property or share your location with your friends while hiking or going for a bike ride.

APRS or automatic packet reporting system can do all that, plus provide the ability to communicate by text message between radios that do not require any monthly fees.

Everything you may want to know in a very non-technical way is explored on this episode of The Farmacy Seeds Network thanks to Peter KC2ASA.

The shows host as always, CJ KD2IIN, takes us through not only how to learn more about this fairly mature technology but also some other exciting amateur radio technologies used for communicating.

If your interested in "whats next" such as satellite communications and new modes of communication, like something that HVDN has been focused on called HASviolet where another local club has recently started to experiment with. More about that  over at another Hudson Valley resident (for now) Nolan KE8JCT's fantastic blog and this recent post about using LoRa in some upcoming projects.  

Lots more about APRS on the HVDN Notebook if you want to learn more, like how to even track a hot air balloon or a high altitude balloon too! 

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