Sunday, February 28, 2021

UPCOMING 3/15/2021 HVDN:LIVE - VHF/UHF is NOT just FM Repeaters: The IC-9700 & IC-705 Punch-Out

On the 8:00PM EST March 15th 2021 episode of HVDN:LIVE, we will take the Icom IC-9700 and IC-705 for a in depth conversational review thanks to Neil W2NDG as moderator with Jim WA2UMP and Steve K2GOG trying to defend reasons why to or not acquire either of these radios.

VHF/UHF is NOT just FM repeaters

This review is not going to be a product endorsement in any way, but it just so happens that both of these radios do not have any direct current production competition, so that is why we are stuck with making this an Icom focused discussion. 

The goal will be to highlight all the interesting things you can do on VHF/UHF aside from only talk on repeaters.

Both the Icom IC-9700 and IC-705 will be in full view during the discussion to ensure we provide fact rather than fiction for both radios. It will be really fun! 

Basic flow is going to be:

  • Introductions 
  • Reasons why did Jim acquire the Icom IC-9700  
  • Reasons why did Steve acquire the Icom IC-705 
  • Discussion on if they would do it again
  • Discussing "Was it easy to do...…" 
  • Focus on hardware tips & tricks
  • Focus on software tips & tricks
  • Remote operation comments 
  • Live Q&A

How to join HVDN:LIVE?

We are going to experiment and see how many people can join the live meeting and we will be using  Jitsi instead of Zoom since HVDN supports and encourages open source projects.

If interested in attending on March 15th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time , please join using and use the password "hvdnlive"

This event will be recorded for later playback, but anything live is always better than a recording, so be sure to check it out and get your questions ready for Neil, Steve & Jim! 

Feel free to drop some questions below in advance!


  1. Will you go over how to use the GPS reference on the 9700?

  2. Hi Cliff,
    Yes, I'll go over the GPS reference on the 9700. Incidentally, I'm using the Leo Bodnar board/GPS and getting great results. It turns the 9700 into an expense test instrument since it results in 1 Hz frequency stability. More on this at the presentation on Monday.
    73 - Jim - WA2UMP


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