Monday, January 4, 2021

OMARC Spotlight: Jim the maritime weather man!

Courtesy of the Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club's secret secondary website focused on capturing the morning show antics is the latest feature length article from Jim K2BHM.  

Outside of the WA2MJM repeater on the analog FM 146.805 MHz located high above Woodstock, NY, Jim can also sometimes be found on DMR talk group 31368, focused on bringing the mid Hudson valley to the world!

The link to read the whole article is below the photo laden snippet. It is great to see another Hudson Valley club sharing great original content!

During my 15 years of work at SUNY Albany, among all the other projects I got to play with, my favorite was working with ASRC (Atmospheric Science Research Center). I made them a 24 foot Mini Maritime Mobil Weather Station. They would take it around the state measuring and recording dozens of air and water parameters adding a time and GPS stamp to every data frame.

This is the heart of the system. All custom design and fabrication by me. The top section is the Campbell Scientific Data Acquisition Computer. The middle unit is the Gas Analyzer unit.

This bottom unit is custom to route and regulate the gasses to be analyzed.
To read more about the magical adventures of Jim K2BHM before he retired, here is the full article on the 8:35 AM on the 146.805 OMARC repeater website where you will never run out of ancient stories to eavesdrop on from a great group of folks!

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