Thursday, August 29, 2019

FiPy > Raspberry Pi: Wireless Rumble

Imagine 5 networks in one perfectly-formed, same-small-foot-print development board that is MicroPython enabled. The Pycom FiPy board includes WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, Sigfox and dual LTE-M (CAT M1 and NBIoT)  In one product, the FiPy gives access to all the world’s LPWAN networks on one tiny board.

Processing Details

  • Espressif ESP32 SoC
  • Dual processor and WiFi radio system on chip
  • Networking processor handles the WiFi connectivity and the IPv6 stack
  • Main processor is entirely free to run the user application
  • An extra ULP-coprocessor that can monitor GPIOs, the ADC channels and control most of the internal peripherals during deep-sleep mode while only consuming 25uA
  • 2 x UART, 2 x SPI, I2C, micro SD card
  • ANalog channels: 8_12 bit ADCs, 2_8 bit DAC
  • Timers: 2_64 bit with PWM with up to 16 channels
  • DMA on all peripherals and up to 22 GPIO
    Physical Interface Details

    Additional Details

    There is far too many great specifications to list, so have a look a look below for details.

    Ground Hog Day: Why does HVDN care?

    If we think about the last 100 years of wireless technology and development, amateur radio has often been closely aligned with the latest innovations and finding ways to leverage them across our globally aligned licensed spectrum. 

    Today,  far too many within the amateur radio ranks are complacent in only spending time with applications long since established and keep doing the same thing, over, and over, and over.

    While there is still much innovation taking place within amateur radio that the general public is not aware of, our goal within Hudson Valley Digital Network (HVDN) is to focus on what is next and find ways to bridge that back into our hobby interests.

    If we can share that with other communities such as those interested in programming, making and every possible convergence of hobbies ranging from agriculture to astronomy, that would be amazing

    So now what?

    Many of us involved in the formation of HVDN also work for a variety of well known technology organizations and somehow still find some time to unwind in our off hours in experimenting with new things. 

    The upcoming Pycom New York event on September 9th 2019 seemed a perfect way to dive in even further, so expect good detailed review of this fascinating workshop. 

    Spoiler alert

    Timing wise, this was also perfect as we have been busy experimenting with ways to leverage LoRa technology within amateur radio and how to integrate it in to many well known amateur radio related practices.  

    Be sure to watch this space closely as we transition much of our focus towards Micropython, IoT, LoRa and a few other related themes to keep up with the digital and innovation themes we have worked hard to build.  

    Upcoming Event Notice

    On October 24th 2019 at a soon to be determined location will be the first HVDN official involvement in "Open Source Hardware" month along with our good friends from "Squidwrench" where we collaborated on the oscilloscope build project earlier this year and HV Open, which offers great monthly presentations mostly around open source software.  

    P.S:  Would be nice if we could somehow get Bill Murray to attend since he still appears to live nearby within the Hudson Valley, even though his house is for sale. Kegger at Bill's? :) 

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