Saturday, July 13, 2019

Tropical Storm Barry: Weather & Aircraft

Hudson Valley Digital Network (HVDN) integrates various real time weather imagery into our ADS-B based air traffic server detailed here.  Currently, the Hudson Valley is experiencing beautifully clear weather this weekend which is great for flying.

However, the Gulf Coast area soon to be affected by Tropical Storm Barry will not share this with us here in New York.

Current imagery generated at 16:30 Eastern Time, July 13th 2019.

For access to the HVDN ADS-B system with integrated weather feed, please consider making a small donation. Proceeds collected over the next week will be aggregated and donated to a deserving organization in the storm affected area. All who donate will receive 6 months of HVDN ADS-B access.

The HVDN membership hopes those in the storm affected area will be safe once the storm makes landfall.

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