Friday, July 12, 2019

Easy SDRangel: Windows Executable

Been a fan of Evariste's SDRangel project for a long while now and it has been hard to convince many how amazing his opensource wizard work has been.

Unless your a Linux master, which I am not, you had to figure out how to find an already compiled Microsoft Windows version in the Git repository or get all the right dependencies working under Ubuntu or whatever Linux distribution you roll with.

sdrangel windows monkey hvdn

Well guess what?

Rather than than go here: and look for the correct links and follow instructions like this old HVDN December 17th 2017 article entitled "SDRangel & Decoding Digital Voice (DMR, D-Star, Fusion, etc)", how about we just cut the bull and give you what you have wanted for so long dear SDR fans.

With SDRangel v4.11.0 you can now just grab sdrangel-4.11.0-win64.exe

This will install just like any other Windows application on a 64 bit modern machine and I need to say,  the final result is a very, very responsive piece of software.

Installed, now what?

If you have an el-cheapo RTL-SDR dongle from China for under $9 USD or the much better quality and legitimate version RTL-SDR v3, Kerberos SDR , any of the Lime SDR products, Hack RF, etc you will be able to use them all easily with SDRangel v4.11.0, even all at the same time if you want!

Lets start by making sure SDRangel will find the SDR you have plugged into your computer. Yes, do that now and then click where the arrow points to. The example below is with a generic USB SDR dongle.

Monkey see, monkey do

Now that you have things installed and selected a demodulator, time for some fun. You can do the following:

  • Listen to stuff 
  • View stuff
  • Visualize stuff
  • Decode stuff
  • Record stuff
  • Stream stuff

Lots of stuff. Have fun with SDRangel on Windows. Do we need more of helper monkey at HVDN? 

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