Monday, May 27, 2019

FCC Update: Yaesu FT-3 cleared for launch

On May 26th 2019, the Yaesu FT-3 radio received the FCC ID of K6620725X20. This covers both the radio itself and also the Bluetooth module for hands free operation and possibly other functions too.

Based on news from Yaesu at the 2019 Hamvention, they expect this radio to be available in the June 2019 time frame. It is common with the FCC while requesting an FCC ID to provide test data along with pre-release copy of device photos and instruction manuals.

The above detail found on the FCC OET website shows that a date of July 10th is when this material will be made available to the public through the FCC.

This latest digital voice radio for the amateur community will incorporate Yaesu Fusion C4FM alongside analog FM and AX.25 packet communication. The FT-3 will replace the FT-2 as the flagship handheld radio offered by Yaesu and will compete with the D-Star capable Kenwood TH-D74 for current "most expensive" amateur handheld radio.

HVDN will likely provide a side by side review of the FT-3 against the TH-D74, so be sure to check back later this summer.

The big questions so far are:

  • Will the FT-3's dual receiver have desense on receive while operating FM satellites?
  • Will the FT-3 allow for Falconsat3 APRS split band 9600 baud?
  • How well will the audio record function work?
  • Will it be possible to wirelessly pair the radio to a computer for programming like the Kenwood?
  • Would AM mode reception be possible in the military aircraft band?
  • How easy will it be to program by hand?
  • Will the spectrum scope be useful of a novelty?
  • Are some of the new Fusion features reminiscent of various 1990 era analog radios?

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