Thursday, March 7, 2019

Frequency Expansion: Alinco DJ-MD5TGP

The Alinco DJ-MD5TGP can now easily be expanded to receive up to 520 MHz which is helpful to those that live in areas that use frequencies above 480 MHz such as New York City.

After upgrading the Alinco from FW 1.00 to the not 100% publicly available FW 1.04, I decided to try some key commands that did not work before while trying to reach the same frequency expansion results in the past.

Alinco 480 MHz  520 MHz

Given that the Anytone AT-D868UV, AT-D878UV and BTECH 6X2 all share certain design elements as the Alinco this not all all too surprising with the latest firmware update rolled out to the Alinco DMR dual band radio.

How To Expand

Step 1: Hold down the 1 key, PTT and the side button directly underneath PTT while turning the radio on will show "DJ-MD5 TEST MODE" quickly followed by the Alinco splash screen.

Step 2: Rotate the multi-selector knob on the top of your radio to the desired operational mode and then turn off the radio.


Step 3: Your radio now will function as the mode you selected.

Using with CPS

If you read the data from your radio using the "Model" function, it should show which of the 14 options available through the test mode with the latest CPS v1.03.

alinco CPS

Its now safe to start writing a new code plug or importing channel data again back into your radio.

Please note that you will need to inhibit or enable the transmit function on a per channel basis per your legal requirements.

Enjoy your new "receive" capability if you were looking to access frequencies above 480 MHz with a much smaller DMR capable radio compared to the Anytone or BTECH models.

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  1. K2GOG,
    Thanks again for another great article. I am wondering, where are you finding all these up to date software and firmwares? Alinco doesn't have them listed on their website and I'm only finding new things as you post them.


  2. Just so you guys know, on my DJ-MD5 (non GPS) you only need to hold down the PTT and number 1 button. No need to hold the third proframable button

  3. Unfortunately, in the recently released version 1.13c of the firmware, all modes with UHF coverage above 480MHz have been removed.


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