Monday, June 11, 2018

Field Strength Meter Monday: Remote Monitor F.S Meter

Next Monday, June is June 20th and National Wi-Fi Day. 

HVDN will celebrate by releasing our Smart Field Strength meter that has been the lead up to the "Field Strength Meter Monday" series.

Along the way of the project design, a few changes were made which includes:

  • Shifting from using an Arduino Nano as the "smart" element of the project to the WEMOS ESP32
  • Redesigning the HVDN FS1 RF sensor board to stack directly on top of the ESP32
  • Simplifying the power source by using the ESP32 with integrated lithium battery charger
  • Learning some of the coding needed to make a self served web page from the ESP32 instead of an Android application for remotely reading the RF sensor data.
The project software coding and board layout designs will be made available as a reference. Completed versions will be available for purchase in the HVDN store which has not officially been launched yet, but can be found here.

HVDN FS1 LT5507 RF sensor unit top view of stand alone PCB board

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