Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Color Change on Pi-Star

Has the red, white and gray color scheme on Pi-Star sort of worn on you?  

If it has, one of the latest feature additions to Pi-Star is the ability to change the coloring to your liking thanks to the "CSS Tool" that came part of 3.4.14.

On something a bit more technical, there is also the ability to do cross mode translation from DMR to Yaesu Fusion. This means, you can now take your DMR radio and talk across to Yaesu Fusion users. This was only possible on the Shark RF OpenSpot device previously.

In version 3.4.13, we saw the ability to go from Yaesu Fusion into DMR, NXDN and P25.  In 3.4.14, it is now possible to go from DMR to YSF. Will NXDN or P25 be far behind?   And, no one cares about D-Star anymore anyway.....  Just saying...  :)

Pretty Colors

You can navigate to this "change the colors" tool by going to "Configure", "Expert" and then under tools "CSS Tool"

Alternatively, you can also navigate to your Pi-Star dashboard with "/admin/expert/edit_dashboard/php" after your local IP address

To change from the standard red "ffffff" background to the teal "6497b1" all you have to do is change as per image.  To figure out how to edit hex into colors, here is a handy website:  http://www.color-hex.com/ 

Infusing Fusion with DMR

The list of cross mode translation keeps growing and the DMR to Fusion is the latest. Its now possible to go Fusion to DMR and DMR to Fusion which is real nice.

All you have to do is set your DMR radio to talk group 7 and configure the below new setting to go where you want it in order to access that part of the Fusion network.

YSF Startup Host will offer you may options.  APRS Host is if you plan to use location or message sharing functions.

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